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Alicia & Marcie

(Ex)clusion - An Exploration of all things Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
S2E7: Bonus Episode - The HR ShopTalk Podcast's Andrea Adams interviews our own Marcie Hawranik July 05, 2021 Episode artwork S2E6: STEAM Mentorship and Outreach Strategies with CybermentorJune 25, 2021 Episode artwork S2E5: Interview with Steven Ngo; Anti-Asian Racism, Allyship, & Innovating for Systemic Change in Police Reporting May 25, 2021 Episode artwork S2E4: Transgender Inclusion, Uplifting LGBTQ+ Voices, and Building Bridges between Communities with James Demers May 03, 2021 Episode artwork S2E3: Coping Mechanisms and Support Networks for Indigenous Women in Engineering with Jessica Vandenberghe, PEng, MSc April 21, 2021 Episode artwork S2E2: REAL Talk with Andrea Silverstone from Sagesse - 16 Days to End Gender Based ViolenceNovember 30, 2020 Episode artwork S2E1: WinSTEM Week Ada Lovelace Day - An interview with Dr. Laleh BehjatOctober 13, 2020 Episode artwork S1E24: "The Experiences of Women of Colour in the Workplace"June 15, 2020 Episode artwork S1E23: Child Welfare Advocacy and Anti-Black Racism in Canada, an Interview with Rebecca Foshole-Luke from Positive Choices Consulting June 08, 2020 Episode artwork S1E22: A Crossover Episode with Award Winning Podcast Cross-polliNation discussing Career Pivots and EDI June 01, 2020 Episode artwork S1E21: Gender & Disaster Emergency Management - An interview with Alex ValorosoMay 11, 2020 Episode artwork S1E20: Special Guest Kimberly Girling from Evidence for Democracy to discuss the Intersection of Science and Policy from Crisis to Recovery May 04, 2020 Episode artwork S1E19: EDI in Times of Crisis with special guests Kathrine O'Neil from YWCA Edmonton and Jake Stika from Next Gen MenApril 14, 2020 Episode artwork S1E18: A discussion with author Melissa Lamson on her book: THE NEW GLOBAL MANAGER: Learning to Manage Well in a Complex Business EnvironmentMarch 12, 2020 Episode artwork S1E17: Special International Women's Day discussion on Career Path 'Jungle Gyms' and the Women who paved our path! March 08, 2020 Episode artwork S1E16: ADHD and Workplace Accommodations for Invisible Disabilities with special guest Robyn HansonFebruary 26, 2020 Episode artwork S1E15: Exploring Unconscious Bias in the WorkplaceJanuary 31, 2020 Episode artwork S1E14: The Power of Networking and Crisis Management - A Discussion on Unique Career Journeys with Gitane De SilvaDecember 02, 2019 Episode artwork S1E13 - Advancing EDI at a Multinational Corporation: An interview with Gillian HynesNovember 12, 2019 Episode artwork S1E12: Federal Election Debrief Through an EDI Lens - with Special Guest Zain VeljiOctober 28, 2019 Episode artwork S1E11: Intersectionality - recorded at the Working the Intersections of Gender Conference with guest Dr. Amy KalerOctober 21, 2019 Episode artwork S1E10: Ada Lovelace Day - With Special Guest Dr. Lesley Rigg, Dean of Science at the University of CalgaryOctober 08, 2019 Episode artwork S1E9: Gender Based Analysis + and Equity Tools - with (Ex)clusion Co-Host Marcie Hawranik BA(Hons), MA September 23, 2019 Episode artwork S1E8: Do you work in a Gendered Space? - with (Ex)clusion Co-Host Alicia Bjarnason PGeol. MA, CCIPSeptember 09, 2019 Episode artwork S1E7: An Exploration in EDI through New Technology - Special Guest Sydney Coleman from GoogleAugust 26, 2019 Episode artwork