S1E21: Gender & Disaster Emergency Management - An interview with Alex Valoroso

May 11, 2020 Alicia & Marcie Season 1 Episode 21
S1E21: Gender & Disaster Emergency Management - An interview with Alex Valoroso
Show Notes

Alex Valorso brings with her a wide variety of skills as an accomplished humanitarian professional with experience in disaster management and gender. Alex holds a BA in International Development with a focus on community development, a master’s degree in Disaster and Emergency Management with focus on gender and disaster, and certificates in Shelter and Settlement Coordination in Emergencies, Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies, and International Humanitarian Law. Her most recent accomplishment includes GenderPro, a specialized technical program at George Washington University. Alex volunteers as the VP of her local Women's Resource Centre and has recently spearheaded a Women in Leadership initiative for her community. Dedicated to working with communities, Alex has extensive practitioner experience in emergency management throughout BC, and during various responses in Canada. She is currently a Senior Advisor at EMBC (Emergency Management British Columbia), and is a Gender Equity Advisor through the Gender Equity Office. Prior to joining EMBC, Alex provided technical support as a Gender Specialist with Cuso International in Guyana, participated in an emergency mission for the refugee crisis in Tanzania with MSF, and provided expertise during various responses as a coordinator with the Canadian Red Cross.

Please note: that Alex speaks from her experience and not for the Government of BC.

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