S2E1: WinSTEM Week Ada Lovelace Day - An interview with Dr. Laleh Behjat

October 13, 2020 Alicia & Marcie Season 2 Episode 1
S2E1: WinSTEM Week Ada Lovelace Day - An interview with Dr. Laleh Behjat
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 2!
We kick things off on Ada Lovelace Day, the 1st day of WinSTEM week 2020!
Our Guest:
Dr. Laleh Behjat is a professor at the University of Calgary in Alberta Canada. Her research mainly focuses on applying mathematical techniques to make computers faster and more efficient. She has won several international, national and institutional awards for her work on computer engineering and engineering education. In addition, Dr. Behjat has a passion for increasing the status of women in (STEM) and has worked on recruiting more women to engineering for over a decade. She has won many awards for her work on this topic! Including as a recipient of the 2018 Alberta Women’s Science Networks Minerva Mentor Award, the 2015 Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) Women in Engineering Champion Award, and Association of Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group in Design Automation Service Award in 2014. Earlier this year she became the NSERC (National Science and Engineering Research Council) Women in Science and Engineering Prairie Chair! As part of today’s discussion, Dr. Behjat will be discussing some of her plans as the new Prairie Chair.

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